Beer snacks

Chicken wings grilled in honey marinade 7.50.

Homemade garlic bread with cheese and sauce 3.90.

Fried crispy onion rings 4.50.

Tiger shrimps fried in butter 9.90.

Fried crispy squid rings 4.90.

Hot and crispy cheese balls with jalapeno pepper 3.90.

Main courses

Beef fillet with blue cheese and mushrooms 16.50.-

Beef chop with creamy pepper sauce 14.90.- BEST-SELLER

Salmon fillet with shrimps and creamy sauce 14.90.- BEST-SELLER

Fried salmon fillet 13.50.-

Pork chop with cheese and onion 12.50.-

Chicken fillet with cheese and mushrooms 12.50.-

Escaloppe with mushroom sauce 11.90.-

Fried chicken fillet 10.90.-

Viennese pork chop 10.90.- BEST-SELLER


French fries / fried / boiled / rice

Kid‘s menu

Sausages with french fries 4.90.-

Chicken fillet with french fries 5.90.-

Hamburger with french fries 7.90.-


Tomato meat soup Seljanka 4.90.-

Soup of the day 3.00.-


Greek salad 7.50.

(tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, olives)

Salad with chicken and orange 8.50.-

(chicken fillet, mix salad, tomato, orange, berry jam)

Salad with pear and shrimps 10.90.-

(shrimps, mix salad, pear, tomato and poppy seed sauce)


with jam and sour cream 5.50.-

with honey 5.50.-

with ice cream and chocolate or caramel 6.50.-

with honey, pear and poppy seeds 6.50.-

Ice-cream with fruits 4.50.-

Cheesecake with caramel sauce 3.50.-

Jookide kaart


Raasiku Pilsner /live draft beer/ 0.3l 3.90.- 0.5l 4.90.-

Out of ten beers that could be found in any supermarket, nine would be Pilsner type beers – pasteurized, filtered, but dead. Merekaru pub offers Raasiku Pale – typical Pilsner type beer, the only difference is that from brewery it comes unfiltered and unpasteurized which means live beer. Raasiku uses differnt kinds of pilsner malt and two hop types. Pale Beer has golden yellow colour, distinct hop aroma and flavour and is a good thirst-quencher. Alcohol content is 4,5%, Pale fermintation time is 30 days. The 1-st place in Craft Beer Club „The Best Beer in Estonia 2017“.

Raasiku Märzen /live draft beer/ 0.3l 3.90.- 0.5l 4.90.-

Once upon a time „March beer“ could be seen on the shelves of Estonian shops. But Raasiku Märzen is based, however, on the world famous beer type „Marzen“, one of the most popular beers on Octoberfest and now its posible to taste in Merekaru pub. To make Marzen, brewery mix three types of malt in yuor mouth, the second sip and light bitternes appears. Marzen suits people, who can appreciate the real taste of beer – real gourmets, who are always in the search of new tastes. Alcohol content is 5,5%, fermintation time is 30 days. The 2-nd place in Craft Beer Club „The Best Craft Beer in Estonia 2015“.

Saku Kuld 0.3l 3.90.-

Saku Tume 0.5l 4.90.-

Velkopopovicky Kozel tume pdl. 0.5l 4.90.-

Spaten Mühchen Saksa pdl. 0.5l 4.90.-

Weihenstephaner weissbier Saksa pdl. 0.5l 4.90.-

Gambrinus Premium 0.5l 4.90.-

Sinebrychoff / Hartwall Long Drink 0.3l 3.90.-

Somersby Cider 0.5l 4.90.-

Koppaberg Cider 0.5l 4.90.-

Sherwood Cider 0.5l 4.90.-



punane / red 16cl/75cl 5.00 €/20.00.-

valge /white 16cl/75cl 5.00 €/20.00.-

Masseria Del Carmelitani pdl 75Cl 25.00.- Gavi valge/white

Barone Montalto Passivento pdl. 75Cl 25.00.- Nero D Avola punane/red

Beringer California 75Cl 25.00.- Zinfandel roosa/rose

Cocktails 17.00-20.00 -20%

Gin tonik 5.90.

Cuba Libre 5.90.-

Olympic 5.90.-

Green Apple 5.90.-

Tom Collins 5.90.-

Tequila Sunrise 5.90.-

Black Russian 6.50.-

White Russian 6.50.-

Blue lagoon 6.50.-

Cosmopolitan 6.50.-

Pina Colada 6.90.-

Paradise Island 6.90.-

Pepper eater 7.90.-

Long Island Ice Tea 10.90.-


Campari Bitter 4cl 3.90.-

Fernet Branka 4cl 4.50.-

Martini Bianco/Dry 8cl 4.90.-


Saaremaa viin 4cl 3.50.- 50cl 35.00.-

Mernaya 4cl 3.90 50cl 40.00.-

Russki Standart 4cl 4.50.- 50cl 45.00.-


Jameson 4cl 4.50.-

Jim Beam 4cl 4.50.-

Red Label 4cl 4.50.-

Tullamore Dew 4cl 4.50.-

Jack Daniels 4cl 4.90.-

Singleton 12 years 4cl .90.-

Chivas Regal 4cl 6.50.-


Stroh 60 4cl 4.50.-

Bacardi Lights 4cl 4.50.-

Bacardi Black 4cl 4.50.-


Coca-Cola,Fanta,Sprite purk 0.33l 2.50.-

Neptunas min.vesi pdl. 0.5l 2.50.-

Cappy jook pdl. 0.33l 2.50.-

Nest jook pdl. 0.33l 2.50.-

Mahl / Juice 0.25l 1.50. /tomat,apelsiin,ananass,õun,jõhvika/

RedBull ener.jook purk 0.33l 3.50.-

Piim/Keefir 0.25l 1.00.-

Kuumad joogid/Hot Beverages

Kohv/ Coffee 2.00.-

Kakao/Hot Chocolate 2.00.-

Espresso 2.00.-

Cappuccino 2.50.-

Cafe Latte 2.50.-

Tee/Tea 2.00.-

Gurmans tee/kann/ 3.00.-

Iiri kohv/Irish coffe 6.00.-

Viru kohv/kohv+4cl Vana Tallinn/ 6.00.-

Tee rummiga/Tea with rum/ 6.00.-