Beer snacks

Chicken wings grilled in honey marinade 7.50.

Garlic bread with cheese and souse 3.50.

Fried onion rings 4.50.

Tiger shrimps fried in butter 10.00.

Fried squid rings 5.00.

Cheese balls with jalapeno pepper 4.00.


Main courses

Beef fillet with blue cheese and mushrooms 16.50.-

Beef chop with cream pepper souse 15.00.-

Salmon fillet with schrimps and cream sauce 15.00.-

Fried salmon fillet 13.50.-

Pork chop with cheese and onion 12.50.-

Chicken fillet with cheese and mushrooms 12.50.-

Escaloppe with mashroom souse 12.00.-

Fried chicken fillet 11.00.-

Viennese pork chop 11.00.-


French fries / fried / boiled / rice


Kid‘s menu

Sausages with french fries 5.00

Chicken fillet with french fries 6.00

Hamburger with french fries 8.00



Tomato meat soup Seljanka 5.00

Soup of the day 4.00



Greek salad 7.50.

(tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, olives)

Salad with chicken and orange 8.50.-

(chicken fillet, mix salad, tomato, orange, berry jam)

Salad with pear and shrimps 11.00.-

(shrimps, mix salad, pear, tomato and poppy seed sauce)


Sweet pancakes

with jam and sour cream 5.50.-

with honey 5.50.-

with ice cream and chocolate or caramel 6.50.-

with honey, pear and poppy seeds 6.50.-

Ice-cream with fruits 4.50.-

Cheesecake with caramel sauce 3.50.-